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Mayonnaise fraîche faite avec de l'huile d'olive vierge extra

Jun 17, 2022

Lobster, Chicken and Tofu Rolls

The summer season is finally here, and to celebrate the arrival of sunny days, we've prepared three ways to enjoy a classic summer dish: the lobster roll! With lobster, chicken, or tofu, everyone will find something they love, guaranteed. Bon appétit!

Sep 4, 2020

Niçois Pita Bagnat

If you're one of the lucky ones who visited the city of Nice, you'll quickly understand that this recipe is a tribute to the famous Niçoise pan bagnat. The pan bagnat is a traditional culinary specialty of Niçoise cuisine.

Apr 2, 2019

Shrimp Tacos

When you've got guests arriving unexpectedly or just want to make a really simple meal that everyone will love, this is the simplest taco recipe. It's our go-to recipe for parties where everyone makes their own tacos and the stress of being the best hostess instantly disappears.
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