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Mar 7, 2024

Goat's Cheese and Mushroom Frittata

Discover our delicious mushroom and goat's cheese frittata. It's impossible to resist and a pleasure to enjoy at any time of day. Serve it with fresh arugula seasoned with our Orleans Garlic sauce from our Accent Sauce Collection for an unforgettable burst of flavours.

Dec 22, 2022

Cherry and Almond Gelato-Style Smoothie

Here is the BEST almond and cherry gelato-style smoothie, presented in collaboration with Nuts to You Nut Butter. Filled with good fats, it simply tastes like gelato! Add crispy toppings to create a nutritious breakfast or a more than satisfying dessert.

Jan 19, 2022

Whipped Lemon Ricotta Toast

How about a nutritious, tasty, and on-the-go lunch? Here's our recipe for whipped lemon ricotta toast... three ways! It's simple: prepare the whipped ricotta in advance, select your toppings in the morning, and enjoy. Bon appétit!

Dec 27, 2021

Sweet Potato and Olive Oil Waffles

The holiday season is also meant for resting... and indulging! So here's the PERFECT recipe for your next gourmet brunch: sweet potato waffles with olive oil. For the best result, we invite you to stay cozy in your pajamas, accompanied by a good café au lait!

May 7, 2021

Vegan French Toast

French toast is a brunch classic, and for good reason. Today, we propose you to try our 100% vegan revamped version!

Apr 9, 2021

Gourmet Granola with Sunflower Oil

Breakfast calls for granola. And why not a delicious version to start the day off right, highlighting none other than our fabulous virgin sunflower oil!

Apr 20, 2020

Vegan Cretons

Our chef has reimagined the classic meat creton recipe, much to our delight and soon to yours, by offering us here a 100% vegan version. Believe us when we say this recipe is to die for.
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