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Comment éviter la fraude alimentaire, huile d'olive vierge extra, Maison Orphée,Québec.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: How to avoid fraud

For a few years now, we have seen a lot of news talking about fraud in the olive oil industry. Rest assured that this problem is taken seriously at La Maison Orphée.

Élaine and Élisabeth Bélanger, co-owners of Maison Orphée, have taken internationally recognized training courses in recent years to become olive oil sommeliers. They have also set up a panel of five people trained to taste samples of our oils and our competitors' products every week. Our team is therefore composed of several people who can determine whether an oil is of high quality or not.

Each oil we purchase is carefully selected. Our team is responsible for the selection of each lot that we bottle under the brand Maison Orphée. Furthermore, a sample of each oil goes through a chemical analysis in a specialised lab to guarantee its compliance with our standards. Then, our panel tastes the samples to assure that the oil has no defects. We invite you to come and see us during demos in stores or at tradeshows to learn more about this process.

Finally, remember that all around the globe the price of olive oil keeps rising. We work hand in hand with producers and our logistics team to limit price increases over time, but, don't be surprised, 10$ or more for half a liter of great quality olive oil is unavoidable.

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