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La vinaigrette des temps modernes

Modern Day Vinaigrettes

Making your own salad dressing is not rocket science. It all starts with a quality oil, preferably virgin, for its taste and nutritional benefits. Then you add a little acidity with a flavoured vinegar or a good fresh lemon juice. Finally, a pinch of seasoning inspired by your current mood will put the finishing touch on your homemade dressing. The beauty of making your own dressing is that the combinations are endless and it's your personal touch that makes your culinary creation stand out.

That being said, sometimes our daily rhythms don't allow us to take the time to make everything ourselves. In these moments a shortcut, ideally one that makes no compromise on taste or quality, is more than welcome. 

Unfortunately, that's when things can get tricky. When it comes to vinaigrettes, just because it goes on a salad doesn't mean it's a healthy choice. A lot of products on the market imply they are healthy or that their "home-style" recipes are superior... until you take a look at the long list of ingredients that includes everything from chemical additives, preservatives and ingredients of questionable quality. 

It's with the intention of providing you with a home-style vinaigrette that's wholesome and tastes great that we created our line of vinaigrette-marinades. The virgin oils and natural condiments we have been making and selecting for 37 years are the source of inspiration behind these harmonious, perfectly balanced and easy to use combinations.  

As a first ingredient, you'll find oil, instead of the water most other brands use. To balance out the acidity, we choose unrefined cane sugar and maple syrup rather than white sugar. And as a preservative, we use simple ingredients like lemon juice, cider vinegar or rosemary extract instead of chemical additives or EDTA. Our vinaigrette-marinades are made with ingredients you know and probably already have in your own pantry. 

They also double as vinaigrettes and marinades, allowing you to dress a salad and marinade meat, fish and tofu easily! Real home-style recipes, without having to lift a finger, for those moments when time seems to run away from us! 

Discover ou products here.

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