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Réduire le gaspillage alimentaire, une fragrance à la fois

Fighting Food Waste, One Fragrance at a Time

Last December, we launched our fabulous trio of natural soaps, a project we are very proud of! But behind these soaps, lie months of work in collaboration with Nu Savons Naturels, a beautiful local company.

During the manufacturing and bottling process of our oils, a certain quantity is unfortunately lost between one variety or another and cannot be sold. This oil is then sent to livestock breeders or to a used oil recycling center. Having at heart to reduce our environmental footprint, it is in the spring of 2021 that we had this famous idea: why not revalue this oil to make soap?

Trio of natural soaps Maison Orphée

That's when Nu Savons Naturels came on board. Having similar societal and ecological values to ours, the "match" was simply perfect! After a few months of preparation and tests, our Natural Soap Trio was finally born. The result? A new collaboration that ensures local and responsible sourcing while giving a new life to our virgin oils.

You can now find these recycled virgin oils in most of Nu Savons Naturels' recipes as well as in our Natural Soap Trio available exclusively on the online store.


About Nu Savons Naturels

Handmade in Quebec City, their soaps are made using the traditional cold saponification method with natural, plant-based ingredients. Each ingredient has a special place in their recipes to fully express its properties, without any superfluous ones. In addition to a minimalist range of fragrances, their curiosity and interest in research and development pushes them to create ephemeral seasonal products that respond to the inspiration of the moment.

Their definition of sustainable development is also to produce in small quantities according to the evolution of their needs without generating waste. They hold dear the development of a local and environmentally friendly economy, which is why all of their packaging is minimalist and recyclable.

Nu because there is nothing else but soap.

Visit the Nu Natural Soaps website

Recycled oil for soap production Maison Orphée


Photo credits Stéfanie Crevier @le_refuge_soins_naturels and Debbie Barrette @debphotographe

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