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Pourquoi on choisit le verre comme contenant pour nos produits ? / Why we choose to use glass containers for our products.

Why we choose glass?

Since the foundation of La Maison Orphée in 1983, the choice to bottle our products in glass containers has been an important part of our yearly evaluations.

Despite being heavy and fragile, and despite the fact that recycling facilities for it are not always in place, glass allows to preserve the freshness and integrity of products. It is still the best choice when it comes to virgin oils and our 100% natural condiments.

Glass is an inert material, it blocks oxygen. On top of that, glass does not migrate into the product.

When it comes to dark coloured glass, it also protects the oil from UV rays which oxidise it.

Many of you are wondering if it is possible to return us the glass bottles or if you can re-use them multiple times. At this time, it is impossible for multiple reasons:

  • How do we go about collecting oil stained, used bottles without sullying the storage areas and collection vehicles?
  • How can we ensure the sorting is done by brand and bottle type while making sure they do not break or become damaged during the collection and transportation process?
  • How much greenhouse gas emissions will this collection process produce?
  • Have you ever tried to clean a bottle of oil? The quantity of water, soap and the amount of effort required far surpass the advantages expected. Oil is a viscous and sticky product that stains what it comes in contact with easily. To properly clean an oil container, a project further complicated by the bottle's small neck, is quite a feat.
  • Is the cost of the equipment, energy and storage room necessary to do the sorting and storage of the returned bottles waiting to be tested for safety reasons truly advantageous?
  • Finally, would reused bottles be as safe to be used for food storage and would we truly diminish the amount of gas emissions through this process? At this time, we can be quite sceptical.


Photo credits Stéfanie Crevier @le_refuge_soins_naturels and Debbie Barrette @debphotographer

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