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La recette du succès au féminin

The Success Recipe for Women Entrepreneurs

After 25 years in business together, Elaine and Elisabeth take the opportunity on this International Women's Day to look back on their journey. Today, they present some of the ingredients that have fuelled their success over the years!




2 cups of... Combining strengths

"Sharing the work and benefiting from the fact that we have different and complementary talents."


3 tablespoons of... Trusting each other

"As shareholders and managers alike, it is essential to give each other latitude to act, respect each other's decisions and allow for mistakes. It's not always easy, but it's certainly a goal to keep in mind."

A pint of... Surrounding yourself with passionate teammates

"This is a lesson we learned: employees must adhere to the business values, to the raison d'être of the company. And, on top of that, they must be smart, open-minded, able to challenge us and able to be challenged too."

A pinch of... Taking things seriously without taking yourself too seriously

"We put a lot of heart into what we do. We feel a great responsibility to satisfy our consumers. But the only star at Maison Orphée is the product!"

1/2 cup of... Balancing Demanding and Caring

"Not all battles are equally important, but we believe that we need to follow through on certain issues to do better. We also believe it has to happen in a healthy environment for everyone."



"Our grandmother used to make an extraordinary bean soup. With the same ingredients, we cannot reproduce the same result. It's a great life lesson: even though we start from the same basis, we each give our own flavour, our own colour to what we touch!"

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