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5 Tips for a Successful BBQ Season

BBQ season is in full swing! For the occasion, we propose some tips to make your grilling recipes a success. These tips are courtesy of Jean-Pierre, a great lover of the BBQ universe and electro-mechanic at Maison Orphée. With Jean-Pierre, you never get bored. He can talk about his new discoveries and his current creations for hours... A real enthusiast!

Today, "JPinvites you to go back to the basics of BBQ and to demystify some concepts. Are you ready? To your grilling!!



There are too many! Let's get back to basics. All you need is...

  • A good "instapen" type cooking thermometer, the #1 BBQ tool. This is an investment of around $40. Optional addition: a probe thermometer to properly control the BBQ's heat sources;

  • For a charcoal BBQ: a rapid ingition solution such as a chimney starter;

  • Good knives for preparation and serving;

  • A brush and a spray bottle;

  • Quality aluminium foil: even if it is a little more expensive to buy, it allows you to better wrap the protein you are cooking;

  • Above all, good ingredients: quality oils, tasty condiments and a nice selection of spices.



The main concept to understand about BBQ is the difference between direct and indirect cooking. The easiest way to illustrate this concept is as follows:

Direct cookingCooking: similar to pan cooking, i.e. "direct" contact with the heat source. In the case of the BBQ, this means cooking on the grills, over the flames or charcoal. This method is preferred for finishing to create the beautiful grilled and caramelized effect on the chosen meat or protein.

Indirect cookingsimilar to oven cooking, using an ambient heat source that allows for "indirect" cooking of the food. In this case, the food is cooked on a portion of the grill that is not directly fed by the flames or charcoal. The lid of the BBQ is closed to control the desired ambient temperature. This method is preferred for long cooking times, proteins with a sweet sauce or marinade or for certain techniques such as reverse sear.





In order to grill successfully, it is important to understand the difference between these two types of temperatures.

Cooking temperature: the temperature at which the BBQ heats up. Just like your oven, you must cook your food at a specific temperature for a specific time. It's the same principle here!

Meat temperature: this is the internal temperature of the food. In order to obtain the desired result and suitable for consumption, this temperature must be measured at the end of the cooking process. If the desired temperature is not reached, the cooking is not finished.

It is suggested that you refer to the many internal temperature guides found on the web to ensure perfect cooking.




We all want to make our grilled food as tasty as possible. To help you find what works best for your recipes, here are four key concepts to remember.

Watch the video with English subtitles. 


Rub / dry marinadeThis blend of spices applied liberally to the protein of your choice (especially the larger ones) is the element that gives "personality" to the meat. This seasoning lends itself well to indirect and sometimes direct cooking. But be careful, if your rub contains a lot of sugar, you should avoid direct cooking to avoid burning everything.

MarinadesThe best results are obtained by cooking indirectly at low temperature (low and slow) and then raising the temperature for a finish, still indirectly cooked. For a tastier meat, the protein can be sliced before marinating, allowing the flavors to penetrate better.

Sauces: According to J-Pthe sauce is only for finishing. Why not during cooking? Because a good BBQ sauce must contain a good amount of sugar (syrup, molasses, etc.). The sauce is applied at the end, when the protein is cooked indirectly at a very high temperature in order to "lacquer" everything. Another option: heat the sauce and serve it as a side dish, for example, with chicken wings. To please as many people as possible, it is a good idea to reheat and offer two sauces at the time of serving.

Spray: This is a mixture of fruit juice, for example, pineapple juice and a good vinegar or alcohol such as whiskey. The goal is for it to be very, very tasty. We only want liquid. The spray is particularly used during smoking and/or long cooking. This trick keeps the meat juicy.





Good cooking starts with a well-maintained BBQ. Whether it is a cast iron or stainless steel grill, you must maintain it regularly at the start of the season, before and after each cooking... Yes yes, as much as that! 

Cast iron: As with a cast iron skillet, regular tumbling (a process that creates a non-stick effect on your grates) is required. Cleaning with water is preferred and, if necessary, a mild soap can be used. Brush before and after cooking.

In Stainless:oiling before each cooking as well as brushing before and after.

For oiling, use a small stainless steel or glass bowl in which you pour a little neutral oil, such as grapeseed or avocado. Using a paper towel folded in four or a small clean white cloth, oil carefully just before cooking.

The best trick to facilitate brushing? Let the BBQ heat up for a few minutes before and after cooking to burn off the remaining food on the grates. CIt will also help to disinfection of the grills.

And for the brush? Preferably a stainless brush. Avoid those with steel bristles, they can rust and contaminate your grills... and your food. 



Do not minimize the service of your food: people eat with their eyes first after all! You have put a lot of effort into concocting this delicious dish on the BBQ, so take the trouble to serve it well on hot plates, with fresh herbs, citrus fruits, and sauces that will enhance this feast. 



J-P, an electromechanic at Maison Orphée, is responsible for the maintenance, repair and improvement of the factory's equipment. He is passionate about the outdoors and especially about BBQs. He has been cultivating his passion for BBQ for many years, which led him to become a member of a BBQ competition team, Lords of the Ribs. For J-P, BBQ is a science that will never end, which makes it one of the most beautiful hobbies!



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