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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Delicate

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Ideal for everyday cooking

An oil with a milder profile, the most evocative terms to define the aroma of our delicate extra virgin olive oil are freshness, sweetness, and greenness. When tasting, you can detect notes of fresh almond, banana, and grass. A harmonious oil, neither too sharp nor too fiery, that enhances the flavour of your everyday dishes.


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About this product

Characteristics and ingredients

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Use for: sautés, salad dressings and baked dishes.

Smoke point: 410 °F / 210 °C

Extraction: Cold extraction - Raw

Origin: Spain, Argentina or Chile (having different origins for certain oils allows us to offer the freshest products depending on the harvest period)

Ingredients: Olives.

May contain: Nuts, Hazelnut, Sesame

Certifications: Non-GMO and Keto Certified

Naturally gluten-free

Nutritional value

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Patiently cold extracted

The taste, the color, the typicity and the benefits of our oils are preserved because we take the time and the means to cold extract the best of the oilseeds. The fruit of this long work is savored in each bottle!

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For everyday cooking

A versatile extra virgin olive oil! Sautées, tasty vinaigrettes and oven-prepared dishes, you name it. The perfect culinary partner!

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Featured review

An excellent oil for use in baked goods. Its mild flavour doesn't overwhelm the flavour of the baked goods. Very nice for sauteing as well. Delicious!!

Christiana J.


Elizabeth's famous chocolate chip and olive oil cookies recipe!

When she brings a batch of these cookies to the office, they are gone in just a few minutes. No need to convince you, they are absolutely DIVINE!

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Salmon tataki salad

Rain or shine, salad is always welcome at Maison Orphée.

To inspire you in your next culinary creations, here is our fabulous salmon tataki salad. A pure DELIGHT!

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