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De Charlevoix à Kamouraska, découvrez le résultat de nos collaborations avec de fabuleux et talentueux artisans d'ici!


Apothicari Fire Vinegar

The vinegar contains a nice mix of ginger, turmeric, garlic, onion, horseradish, Cayenne pepper and herbs from the garden. Our organic cider vinegar has the honour of being the main ingredient in the recipe for Apothicari Fire Vinegar.

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NU Natural Soaps

In search of comfort? The natural soaps, signed Nu, will imbue your body with an unparalleled dose of feel good.

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Love Spoon Duo

The LOVE spoon duo from Atelier La Louve is ideal for all types of salads, in addition to being beautiful objects that testify your love for your guests and the pleasures of the table.

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Pastry Spatula

The pastry spatula from Atelier La Louve will certainly "wow" during brunch or dessert time, perfect for serving quiches, pies, and cakes!

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Knowing our collaborators

Les Jardins de la Minga

Arianne and Benjamin's love and business project, Les Jardins de la Minga, is a market gardening company in Charlevoix since 2019. Both have worked tirelessly to cultivate a variety of organic vegetables, berries, and herbs to offer Quebecers quality ingredients on their plates.

Nu Natural Soaps

Handmade in Quebec, their soaps are crafted using the traditional cold process soap-making method with natural, plant-based ingredients. Each ingredient holds a special place in their recipes to fully express its properties, without any unnecessary additives. In addition to a minimalist range of fragrances, their curiosity and interest in research and development drive them to create ephemeral seasonal products inspired by the season.

Their concept of sustainability also involves producing in small quantities according to their evolving needs, without generating waste. They are committed to the development of a local and environmentally friendly economy, which is why all their packaging is also minimalist and recyclable.

"Nu" because there is nothing but soap.

Atelier La Louve

La Louve is a young company based in the Laurentides that creates kitchen objects and accessories using 100% recycled wood. Each piece is unique and handmade with love and meticulousness.

For Maison Orphée, La Louve has swapped white for black, our signature colour for the past 40 years!

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