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Moutardes d'ici, naturelles, sans artifices

All-Natural Mustards, Made in Canada

If there is one condiment that is well known throughout the world, it is mustard. Sweet as mustard yellow mustard or strong like Dijon mustard, added to a mayonnaise, a vinaigrette, a marinade or a sandwich, it is present in almost every meal.

But have you ever taken a second to read the ingredient list of the mustard you keep in your fridge or pantry? Like everything else we eat, it's important to pay attention to what goes into your favourite condiments in order to avoid weird food additives, preservatives or colourings.

At Maison Orphée, we manufacture natural, delicious and preservative-free mustards in our Quebec facility. We really have something to be proud of!


Did you know that Canada is the largest producer of mustard seeds in the world? And did you know that there are 3 different types of mustard seeds? That's right: there's white mustard, which is the mildest of the three, brown mustard, which is much more pungent, and finally oriental mustard, which is prized for its high oil yield. 

We have been manufacturing mustards in our Quebec City plant according to traditional recipes since 2005. If you set foot in our factory, your eyes may sting a little - don't worry, we're just in the middle of a fresh mustard production!

Since the mustards destined for Canadian consumers are made here in Quebec City, we can afford to produce smaller batches more frequently. That means we don't store raw materials for too long, ensuring optimum freshness for our mustards. This matters because the fresher a mustard is, the more character and sharpness it has. The Maison Orphée mustards stocked by your local stores are significantly fresher than those of international brands, produced in larger quantities and imported from other countries.

Mustard from here, made in Canada at our factory in Quebec City. 4 Ingredients


Have you ever read the ingredient list for our Dijon, old-fashioned or yellow turmeric mustards? It's short and sweet: water, mustard seeds, organic apple cider vinegar, sea salt. We add turmeric to give the yellow mustard a gorgeous sunny colour, but that's it. 

No really, that's it. 

We pared down the number of ingredients to the bare minimum to reflect our willingness to offer condiments that have a clear, understandable ingredient list and a naturally delicious taste. We do not compromise in making the best products we can, and we choose to set aside useless or undesirable chemical additives because we know a high quality mustard doesn't need them.

In our traditional recipes, you'll find no added sulfites, preservatives, white vinegar or added sugars. We want to get as close as possible to the traditional recipes that have been so popular for years. These choices also explain why, sometimes, our Dijon mustard pales with time, since it is 100% natural. Added sulfites are used in commercial mustards in order to fix the colour. Our solution? Add mustard to everything and eat it quickly while it's fresh and tasty!

You might be wondering how our yellow mustard with turmeric can taste so sweet if we don't add sugar. It's very simple! We use white mustard seeds in order to control the heat levels in our finished product. After all, why add extra stuff when we start with high quality ingredients? 

By choosing our mustards, you choose to consume locally-made products and you prioritize your health.That's the beauty of a condiment made with simple and wholesome ingredients.

So next time you're at the grocery store, we encourage you to take a look at the labels of available mustards: their ingredient lists and origins might surprise you!

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