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20 choix 100% naturels approuvés Cétogène/Kéto

20 Ketogenic/Keto approved natural choices

The ketogenic diet, or Keto diet, has converted many recently, but continues to elicit questions too. It is a distinct diet that, with its high fat intake, leads the body to reach a state of ketosis.* When we talk about fat here, we mean good fat. This leads us to talk about what makes a good fat and a quality condiment, useful information whether you follow the Keto diet or not!

Due to the fact that they are a cold-pressed product, virgin oils are an easy health choice for everyday use. Like fresh fruit juice, cold-pressed oils retain the unique benefits of each seed or fruit from which they come from, for the great pleasure of our taste buds' and the overall wellness of our bodies.

 Kebab Salad


Choose from a variety of options: olive oil, olive oilOlive & Balsamic Vinaigrette-MarinadeOil hazelnut oil high oleic cooking sunflower with high oleic fatty acid content, or Canola cold pressed for its omega-9 content, a fat that is valued for heart health and the ketogenic diet.

The benefits of olive oils are generally well-known, but the other choices we propose are also excellent. We hear much less about sunflower oil or canola oil mostly because the overall quality of these oils on the market is often less than adequate. These oils are, most of the time, pressed at high temperatures and refined with chemicals. They do not offer any advantages other than the fact that they are cheap fats.

Here at Maison Orphée, we produce and select our oils based on the quality of the raw material, making sure they are also GMO-free. We ensure that they are cold-pressed and filtered mechanically as to preserve the good fats in their natural form along with their pigments and antioxidants. The latter complement the fatty acids and participate in maintaining the quality of the fats all the way to your cells!


A great classic for many years, Coconut oil, known for its short-chain saturated fatty acids, is available in a virgin version with a sweet coconut taste or deodorized with steam, thus without flavor. This oil always comes from the pressing of the fresh coconut pulp which is then simply filtered.


f Mayonnaise have taken a few years of development to achieve the desired quality and long shelf life.

They are ideal for the Keto diet because, unlike our competitors', they do not contain any added sugar and are produced from oleic sunflower oil. This is a variety of sunflower that, like olive oil, has a high content of Omega 9 fatty acids.

Generally, sunflower oil has a fat profile that is high in Omega 6, but, through cultivar hybridization, we can now create a sunflower oil that is oleic.

Mayonnaises are made fresh and can be kept in the refrigerator, just like the one you would have made at home. We propose the version classicversion, one with extra virgin olive oil and, for a tasty sauce, the Dijonnaise which combines mayo and our mustards always without sugar.


Of our collection of eleven Salad dressingsthree popular choices are unsweetened and suitable for the ketogenic diet: the Greek, the Caesar and the 3 Pepper Creamy. They are made with cold extracted oils for lipid quality, and 100% natural ingredients chosen for harmonious flavor and unparalleled nutritional quality. Thus, you always have at hand seasonings that meet your needs and are ready to enhance your daily meals.


Because they provide flavor and texture and are very low in calories (10 calories per spoon from fat for the highest calorie mustard: old-fashioned), our sugar-free Mustards are condiments of choice. Whether you prefer the Dijon, l'old or mustard yellow with turmericor mustard, brush it on without counting the calories!


Vinegar is a natural condiment, facilitating digestion and easy to integrate into sauces and dressings. It comes from the double fermentation of a juice that transforms sugar into alcohol and then into acetic acid. The result: vinegar has very little or no calories and enhances your creations while avoiding monotony. Choose the popular cider vinegar plain, the vinegars of red wine Gold wine white vinegars, or the Balsamic to add depth to your dishes.

*Cetosis is a metabolic state during which the body uses lipids as a source of energy once it has used up all the glucids stored in the muscles and liver.

Photo credits Stéfanie Crevier @natural_care_refuge, Isabelle Blais and Debbie Barrette @debphotograph

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