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Are you a sauce person? If so, we've got a new concept that will revolutionize your mealtimes because today, we're launching our Accent Sauce Collection—which includes 4 unique all-in-one condiments.

Neither mayonnaises nor vinaigrettes, these finishing sauces are creamy, healthy and tasty. With their delicious international flavour profiles, they'll let you add taste to every dish!


How Do You Use an Accent Sauce?

Each of our 4 varieties features a practical pipette, enabling you to enhance the taste and presentation of all your dishes-whether for everyday meals or special occasions.

In burgers and hot dogs or with deep-fried foods, they are an excellent substitute for mayonnaise and ketchup. For your salads, poke bowls and raw vegetables, they play the role of a vinaigrette. On your  tartare, nachos and even your sushi, they will make you forget the mustard, salsa and soy sauce. Even your shepherd's pie will come back for more!

Incredibly versatile, they'll find their place on your table at breakfast (hello frittata!), at lunch in your tomato sandwich, as an on-the-go snack, as appetizers for a gourmet cocktail hour, or at a romantic fondue supper for two.

Whether drizzled, swirled, dotted or completely blended with other ingredients, you'll be amazed at how quickly your dishes can be transformed into restaurant-worthy creations.


Discover Delectable Varietes

The Accent Sauce Collection by Maison Orphée is hitting the market with four international flavour profiles that are sure to make your taste buds travel!

  • Paprika Ibiza: Its spicy Mediterranean flavour profile is a perfect replacement for ketchup and BBQ sauce. Really, it's fabulous anywhere.
  • Lemon Marrakesh: Its Moroccan flavour profile stands out for its balance between freshness and depth. It is fabulous with fish and seafood, poultry and vegetables of all kinds.
  • Jakarta Masala: Its Indian-Indonesian flavour profile breaks the routine of your favourite comfort foods by adding a magical, exotic touch!
  • Orleans Garlic: We're talking a classic American profile here, but you can blend it with an omelette or escargots-and you've got a gourmet French meal.


Can Condiments Really Be Healthy?

Absolutely! Specialized for over 40 years in cold-pressed oils and the local manufacturing of condiments, we continue to diversify our offer by pushing the boundaries of culinary innovations.

The Accent Sauce Collection is vegan, free from EDTA and other preservatives, gluten-free, egg-free and lactose-free, and features a short ingredient list. All of these sauces also meet sodium and sugar reduction targets.

Offered in the mayonnaise aisle alongside products made with refined oils, these finishing sauces are a fantastic alternative for seasoning your dishes without compromising on your health!

Collection Sauce Accent - Citron Marrakech



Où peut-on les trouver? Where Can I Find Them?

For its launch, our Accent Sauce Collection will be available exclusively on the web, but Metro is in the process of creating a shelf space for it! Many other independent retailers and chains will be joining the adventure over the coming months.

Follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter to stay on top of our latest updates and to access promo coupons so that you can discover these products. The proof these sauces are so good? The entire Maison Orphée team has become completely hooked on them!

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