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Coup de coeur pour Le Monastère des Augustines

Highlight: Monastère des Augustines

Since the opening of the Augustinian Monastery in 2015, Élisabeth and Élaine Bélanger, co-owners of Maison Orphée, have had the opportunity to attend a few events at the Monastery; they have tasted the restaurant's delicious cuisine and even participated in a meditative retreat. At the Monastery, they felt the serenity that inhabits this place and understood the links that unite Maison Orphée and the Augustinian Monastery.

We simply had to introduce you to this beautiful non-profit organisation we support in order to contribute to its social mission of offering stays and programs for the well-being of individuals, and especially of caregivers. It also benefits the conservation and promotion of the Augustinian Sisters' legacy to the community.

 The Augustine Monastery, partner


"The Augustinian Monastery is a heritage haven of culture and wellness. It occupies the ancient wings of the Hôtel-Dieu de Québec monastery, which was the origin of the first hospital in North America. The Monastery is a non-profit organization recognized as a charitable organization.1

Located in the heart of Old Quebec where the first hospital in America north of Mexico was founded, Le Monastère des Augustines is the result of a colossal restoration project. In this unique place of resourcing and relaxation, anyone can stay the night and experience various activities such as workshops, retreats, and yoga classes, visit the museum and dine at the restraurant where they serve amazingly healthy and tasty dishes. Simply entering the place allows one to immediately feel more relaxed and much more aware of one's inner self.

 The Augustine monastery, partner, yoga relaxation


The current goal of Le Monastère des Augustines takes root in the mission that three nuns, from the Augustinian Sisters, took upon themselves, nearly 380 years ago, when they landed in Quebec City. The Augustinian Sisters had a vocation to care for the bodies and souls through a balanced approach uniting science with spirituality. They laid the groundwork for the Quebec health care system as we know it today.

Today, Le Monastère des Augustines continues to pursue its goal through the current offer focused on the 4 pillars of global health (body, mind, emotion and spirituality). It is the balance of these four pillars that contributes to achieving a sense of general well-being and long lasting health.

At Maison Orphée, we also believe that wellness depends on balance and on understanding that every part of us has an impact on our overall well-being. Of course, the aspect that speaks to us the most is the food aspect and the impact that nutrition can have on the body, first and foremost, then on emotions, mind and spirituality.

We fully believe that eating well, products that are as natural as possible, contributes to our well-being. It is always with this in mind and with the desire to propose products made of simple and high-quality ingredients that we develop our new products. We believe that anyone who prioritises a varied and balanced diet lays down the most solid foundation possible for their health. We offer quality products at affordable prices so that each meal is both nutritious and delicious.

 The Augustines Monastery, health restaurant, partner

Le Monastère des Augustines and Maison Orphée have many other values in common such as our respect for others, our respect for the personal lives of our employees, our respect for the planet, etc. By financially supporting Le Monastère des Augutines, we want to contribute, in our own way, to the well-being of individuals, to enable our community to be even healthier.

Le Monastère des Augustines and Maison Orphée are also both stories of women engaged in their community.


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